C2 Max - How to update and network your C2 Max DVR to work with DMSS

If you have updated your mobile phone recently, you will discover that the C2 Max application is no longer available. It has now been replaced by DMSS. The app is available on both Google Play and Apple App Stores

Please note that you may need to upgrade the recorder firmware to make it work with the new mobile application. 

Below are some instructions you will need to follow and links to the firmware files. It will be a two-step process to get the firmware to the latest version available.


1. Download the two files below that correspond to your recorders’ model code. You can find the full model code on a sticker on the underside of the recorder. 

*Ensure that you are selecting the correct file, as applying the incorrect one may damage your device.                                      


1. You will need to transfer File 1 file to an empty USB stick. Then go to the DVR menu and go into the following  options.
Settings > Upgrade > Press Upgrade at bottom of screen > Select the upgrade file on the USB, and press start. 
A progress bar will appear on screen and the device will reboot on completion. 

2. Once you have 1st firmware installed, you should be able to put File 2 onto same stick and when inserted into recorder you will get a system upgrade prompt on screen. Select this and then pick the 2nd file from the USB and hit start.

3. After the recorder reboots, it is advisable to Factory Default the recorder. You can do this in System (Under Settings) > Default > Factory Default.


1. Go to the Network on the bottom of main menu

2. Turn on DHCP

3. Press apply and/or save

4. Connect the recorder to the router

5. From Network go to P2P on the left

6. Enable P2P and press apply and/or save


1 netowrk c2

2 netowrk c2